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Personal Statement

I have been a  multidisciplinary artist exploring the media of Painting, Assemblage & Glass for almost 40 years.

These glass assemblages are a celebration of those explorations resulting in a new approach to working with glass beyond the traditions of studio (hot) glass and beyond the traditions of glass as a functional craft.

The central material to this series is glass. Found, “orphaned”  glass. Glass that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Sheets of glass removed from discarded picture frames, glass dishes discarded to the thrift store or garage sale because they are unmatched and unwanted.

I choose these “orphans” intuitively not knowing if, when or how I will use them. The only conscious choice I make is to choose clear glass. The subtle, oxide-induced greens and blues of clear glass enable an interplay of color and transparency – evoking ethereal qualities of ice, water, air, mist, crystals, light refraction, and bubbles.

Like my adoption process, composing is an intuitive process of discovery.  I manipulate and assemble these “orphans” until they become new forms or “families” often including other found objects, materials or paint.

Occasionally  I include symbolically significant items which can lead the viewer towards a social/political interpretation, but quite often these resulting forms can indirectly reference monuments, architecture, totems, trophies, shrines, reliquaries, and sometimes just beautiful forms. 

These artworks give new purpose and new meaning to the debris of our civilization.  

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